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Packing of Bitumen


Customarily, bitumen has been packaged and exported in new steel drums.  Drum bitumen capacity ranges from 150 Kg to 200 Kg. The most commonly used drum packaging capacity by nearly all bitumen consumers in the globe is 180 Kg. 180 Kg drums are used more widely by bitumen consumers as they are the most beneficial to them. Bitumen importers can save on costs by using 180 Kg drums. The areas of savings are associated but not limited to, drum production cost, handling and shipping related expenses.

Standard size bitumen containers

20 feet containers are the standard size when it comes to transporting Drum bitumen.  They are the most economical container size available in the market today. When it comes to carrying bitumen in 40 feet containers the cost is nearly double that of 20 feet containers. However; the capacity of 40 feet containers is 135 drums which is only 25 drums more for the bigger sized container. This is not economical in almost every instance as the Terminal Handling Charge THC of a 40 feet container alone are also higher. More containers equals more work, higher shipping rates and more port charges both a the loading port and the discharge port.

Drum bitumen clients are advised to use the standard 180 Kg drums to ensure savings on shipping expenses.